By Dana Hesse

With revitalised water essential energy & Crystalline Ice Plant moisturizing power

Natural origin

Rapidly absorbed, hydrating skin surface, non-greasy and does not leave stains of clothes!

Cristalline ice plant

Together with some hints of the Cotton Flower perfume, this will make a sensorial, aromatic experience designed to delight your senses and leave your skin soft.

An excellent solution

for those who are keen to have a beautiful skin, but are short of time for a body care.

Dana Hesse

The Creator

Dana Hesse is a professional pole dance choreographer who has played a leading role in the development of a pole dancing in Italy

After opening the first pole dance school in Italy, Dana introduced the discipline to the media as a fitness activity suitable for everybody  and not only as a nightclub dancing!

Dana gained her popularity back in 2006 when she became a public icon for the audience and for the new businessman in the pole dance market. She has very often invited  as a consultant, choreographer, judge, testimonial by the TV-shows.Dana also participated in the start-up of new activities to introduce the pole dance to the public (training school, competitions, clothes and sport equipment brands, tv shows, movies) to help this dance has returned to play its original role of the entertainment activity and as a main attraction on the variety shows scene.

Thousands of pole dance newcomers have attended Dana’s Pole schools, as well as instructors from  show business and international training.
In 2016 Dana founded  the Pole Dance Models ®, a management agency specialized in training and promoting new talents due to high requirements by the showbiz. This opened some new artists capable of “static” performances, for advertising, fashion, cinema, television or theatre careers.

ARTIST & ENTREPRENEUR The unstoppable artist and business woman –  if the market challenges Dana, then her cosmetic product ‘SOMETHING’ by Dana Hesse, is the one to be experienced!

Le offerte

Something by Dana Hesse

Its Grass crystalline formula makes your skin soft, bright, and delightful to the senses thanks to Cotton Flower perfume.

Naturally originated and rapidly absorbed, it hydrates your skin surface in a non-greasy way leaving no stains on your clothes!

An excellent solution for those who are keen to have a beautiful skin hydrated with a healthy and natural product, but are short of time for a body care.

Available in Spray version, Flit Top version and 150 ml Wood Top one.


Something & Pole Dance Area

You can subscribe for the pole dance classes of the school Pole Dance  Area di Milano here.